Professor Payam Vahmani


Payam completed his PhD in 2013 at Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada) under the advisement of Dr. Alan Fredeen. Payam’s PhD research revolved around enriching long chain omega-3 fatty acids in milk and milk products through cow nutrition. During the course of his PhD studies, Payam gained an appreciation for the complexity of ruminant fatty acid composition, and how little is known about the health effects of many of these fatty acids. After his PhD, Payam took the opportunity to join Dr. Mike Dugan’s lab as an NSERC research fellow at AAFC-Lacombe, where he worked on enhancing biohydrogenation products (BHP) in beef, isolating novel BHP, and testing their health effects using swine and cell culture models. As a postdoctoral fellow at AAFC-Lacombe, Payam played a large roll in developing the Cell Culture Unit in the Molecular Biology Lab, and he was responsible for supervising summer and co-op students and providing training in molecular biology and cell culture techniques. Payam has since moved on to University of California Davis, where he is an Assitant Professor in Animal Science studying the Nutritional Enhancement of Animal Sourced Foods.


You can contact Payam either through email or phone 403-782-8124.

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